Batik Tour Class

Batik Tour Class is The Batik Education center of Goak batik Bali which is offering the harmonization between art and nature balancing to make those who join the class is in the exciting and unforgettable experience through batik.

Beneficial obtained

 Packages learning
  • Create a unique and artistic art work and get the personal experience and impression inside it
  • Get the exciting and unforgettable experience through batik leaded by the decade experienced team teaching
International standard of process
  • It’s included safety work and waste disposal sites
  • You will get certificate from Goak Batik Bali team for your successful in learning batik with us.
Impression document
  • Fill any impressions and experiences you get during the process
Soft drink and snacks
  • You will get soft drink and snacks during the process of learning as our standard service.
Learning while shopping
  •  Get any batik merchandises in the art cottage with a competitive price
  • The art work result is belong to the student