batik production house

Goak Batik Bali was started by the journey of Gusti Made Sujana, he was an old artist from Bali in which ย he chose a rare art was Balinese batik art. ย Since that to now batik is already apparent as one of the world culture that needs to be preserved together.

Back in 1987, Gusti Made Sujana started to improve his product knowledge trough batik and he made some experiments in the world of batik painting by taking theme ancient Balinese lifestyle and its tradition. Many wonderful views of nature and Balinese society traditions were reflected on his batik creations, prominently the social lifestyle of ancient Balinese society. All of his creations are concluded in a great batik style & technique that he called Goak Batik Bali style

Gusti Made Sujana with family and his team also do research by utilizing this unique style “Goak Batik Bali” into other media such as batik cloth, batik bags, postcards, pillowcase and others. The result is a unique product of high quality and has taste of art

This long journey has convince us, that Goak Batik Bali is one of the rare Balinese Batik Production House that are ready to serve you and the international world